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How can one of the friendliest smiles be attached to one of the darkest minds? After speaking with Sandra Becerril for half an hour, we still don’t know. Yes, we went into the interview with the mission of answering this question. But like everyone else, we were either entranced in her explanation of her sinister screenplays or hypnotized by her grin as she discussed her twisted novels. She has directed films such as The Hideout and They Are Here, written scripts for projects like Nightmare Cinema and Desde Tu Infierno, and created over seven novels, including her recent Random House distributed title Valley of Fire.

Read below to discover how this horror writer, producer, director, and actor is contributing to the wonderful world of women storytellers.

Dread Central: What do you love about the horror genre?

Sandra Becerril: I think the horror genre is similar to love. When you are in love, you feel excited. You can just concentrate on it and think about it. It’s like a chemical reaction. When I was little, I heard that the same part of the brain that love occurs is the same part that horror occurs. When you write horror or people see your movies, you see their reaction immediately, like if they are jumping or screaming. You can have horror in your house, like a monster under your bed that makes you’re afraid to be alone. That’s why I love horror, because of the reaction—the immediate reaction.


Entrevista completa aquí

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